How Do I Write a Disclaimer Form?

Writing a disclaimer form for a business involves three steps: understanding the business and services offered, deciding the terms and making clients aware of the document. The disclaimer is a statement that intends to protect the services (or products), property, and information of a business or individual.

Outlining the types of services or products and information that a business provides to the public is the first step in drafting a disclaimer form. The legal disclaimer should specifically address the services, covering everything from the terms of service to return policies. Product guarantees, if there are any, ought to be explicitly stated in the disclaimer form.

Every state is different. In some states, such as California, there are entire statutory schemes devoted to ensuring that every disclaimer follows a precise language. While deciding the business terms, it is critical for business owners to ensure that they comply with the various requirements to join statewide and local organizations for their specific niches. Business owners should also understand what the courts are looking for; include both indemnification and waiver language, and emphasize on general use of a product or service. For better coverage, it is critical to have the form given a once over by an attorney.

The written disclaimer ought to be posted somewhere clients can easily read it. This includes posting it on the business?s official website and physical location. This can also include sending out emails to current clients informing them about the changes that have occurred.