How Do You Write a Credit Report Dispute Letter?


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Individuals writing a credit report dispute letter must state what information is inaccurate in their credit reports, explain why and provide documentation to support their position. They also must ask the credit reporting organization to investigate the issue and correct the errors.

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The letter should include the consumer's full name, date and address as well as a copy of the credit report with the items in question marked. Photocopies of the documents are sufficient for this purpose. At the bottom of the letter, the consumer can list the items enclosed.

Consumers disputing a credit report should send the letter to the attention of the complaint department of the credit reporting company by certified mail, return receipt requested. Certified mail helps the sender document what the credit reporting company received. Keeping a copy of the letter and supplementary documents is a good idea.

Credit reporting agencies are required to investigate disputed items unless the complaint is frivolous. They also must forward all the relevant data about the inaccuracy to the creditor that supplied the information. After the investigation is complete, the credit reporting company produces its results along with a free copy of the updated credit report if the dispute results in a change. This report doesn't count as the disputing party’s annual free report.

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