How Do You Write Creative Job Titles?


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Write creative job titles by examining the key elements of the job to determine what factors matter most in the position and then inserting key words or phrases that convey of the job while standing out from other companies. Managers should also consider the corporate culture and industry to determine the most appropriate and relevant vocabulary.

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Creative and unique job titles help employers differentiate themselves to prospective applicants by contrasting the typically language within the industry or the job hunting field, as well as make current employees feel more appreciated by means of holding the unique title. One method for creating a unique job title is to highlight a key element of the job in a new fashion, playing up specific aspects beyond expectations. In 2014, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt renamed the title for its receptionist position to Director of First Impressions, which contrasts significantly to other titles by introducing the term director into what is commonly an entry-level position. It also highlights the fact that receptions greet all the people that visit the company and so emphasizes the importance of the role.

Another option is to use language that is common within the company or its industry, which helps applicants form a stronger understanding of the responsibilities of the role. For example, a hockey apparel company could call an product manager a captain, with junior project manager titles appearing as assistant captains. This conveys the emphasis on leadership required for the role while also bringing in hockey terminology.

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