How Do You Write a Cover Letter for a Promotion?

When writing a cover letter for a promotion, start by discussing why the promotion is deserved, along with specific examples of how one's current role has improved the company. Use knowledge of the company's policies to demonstrate how one's skills are relevant to the new position. Additionally, document accomplishments and achievements, and avoid reiterating previous experiences that are common knowledge to those making the final decision.

When a higher-level job opens up in a company, those interested in the position should write a letter of interest in order to apply. The goal of this letter is to sell upper management on one's achievements. To do this effectively, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Provide concrete examples
  2. If an applicant has previously assisted with responsibilities currently included in the new position, those achievements should be listed. Describe the positive impact and include statistics, if available.

  3. Describe how one's current role improved the company
  4. Similar to step one, use examples to demonstrate how the applicant has benefited the company in their current role. This would include such actions as developing a more efficient filing system or signing on a new client.

  5. Emphasize knowledge of the company
  6. It is important to be intimately familiar with how the company works when applying for a promotion. Applicants should showcase their knowledge by defining what they will bring to the position.