How Do You Write a Cover Letter for a Medical Office Position?


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To write a cover letter for a medical office position, use business letter format. Include your name and address, the recipient’s name, title, company name and address, the date and a greeting. In the opening paragraph, specify the exact job title, its position number, if relevant, and whether you found out about the job through a contact or an advertisement. Then summarize why you are a good fit and expand in the letter's body paragraphs.

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Focus one paragraph on the most current professional work experience. Include the tasks you perform now. For example, "I have four years experience as a medical receptionist. For the past two years, I have been working at XYZ Hospital in Hartford where I schedule appointments, answer the phone, greet visitors and patients and direct them to the appropriate floor, accept payments and do data entry."

In another paragraph, elaborate on accomplishments that demonstrate hard and soft skills. For example, "In my performance reviews, my supervisors have praised my problem-solving skills, effective oral and written communication, organizational abilities and advanced computer knowledge." Choose details that best align your experience with the job you are applying for. Be sure too, to indicate that you have researched the health care organization.

Avoid rehashing your resume and close indicating the desire to further discuss your suitability for the job in an interview.

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