How Do You Write Company Policies and Procedures?


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To write company policies and procedures, draft a table of contents covering each of the individual areas of a company's operation. Progress down the list, writing for each area the policies first and the procedures second. Policies detail the rules applicable to certain areas of a company's operation, while procedures detail how that area of operation, or task, is carried out in accordance with the associated policies, notes Copedia.com.

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How Do You Write Company Policies and Procedures?
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To write a company policies and procedures manual, follow the steps below.

  1. Draft a table of contents
  2. List the areas of the company's operation to be covered by the policies and procedures manual. This should be a flexible table of contents, advises Copedia.com.

  3. Write the policies
  4. Take a specific area from the list and write out the policies or rules associated with it. These might include the obligations of the company or employees such as checks to be carried out and measures to be taken. Use a present tense active voice.

  5. Write the procedures
  6. After listing the policies, list the procedures, or the way in which those policies are to be adhered to. For example, if it is company policy to keep a maintenance log, note in the procedures section who is responsible for doing so. Although the manual is intended as a legal document, it is especially important when writing the procedures to do so in such a way that staff members can easily understand and implement the information, states UTexas.edu.

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