How Do I Write a Collection Letter?

A collection letter must include the facts of the debt and a request for the recipient to respond in a timely manner. Write the letter in a strong, but not harsh or inconsiderate, tone and attach any proof of the bill to the letter.

  1. Mind the tone

    Collection letters have to be written in a strong, yet not too harsh, tone. The purposes of the letter are to remind the customer of the debt owed and persuade him to pay it swiftly, not to threaten him. Adjust the tone of the letter so that it reflects these messages.

  2. Include all facts and a call to action

    When writing the letter, be sure to include all the facts. For instance, specify when and where the purchase was made, what goods or services were purchased, the exact amount due, and any other pertinent items of information. If the letter is to include an attachment to prove the claim, mention it in the letter. Include a call for action that requires the customer to reply within a specified time.

  3. Attach all documents

    Attach all relevant documents to the letter. If there is a receipt or any other documentation of the purchase that shows the date of the purchase and the amount purchased, include a copy with the letter rather than the original.