How Do You Write Church Transfer Letters?


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Write a church transfer letter by addressing the pastor or similar position at the new church, explaining the purpose of the letter and offering an honest description of the member or members wishing to join the new congregation. Explain briefly why the transfer is taking place, without violating the privacy of the members, and include your contact information for any further questions.

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Church transfer letters serve as an official record for church administration when a member of one congregation wishes to join another congregation, often as a result of moving or a similar lack of ability to attend meetings at the initial church. These letters typically begin by addressing the party at the new church that oversees the acceptance of new members, along with an introduction explaining who you are and why you are writing the letter, unless you are already familiar with the letter's recipient.

The letter needs to include a clear statement requesting that the new church accept the member into the congregation along with the date on which the member would like to begin attendance. The letter also needs to explain why the transfer is happening, only sharing information the member is comfortable including through the letter. It should also mention any issues the member has with the church, such as struggling with a personal matter or any violations of church policies. It also needs to include an invitation to speak if the new church has any questions about the transfer.

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