How Do You Write a Church Letter of Resignation?

When writing a church resignation letter, it is important to be both factual and professional. Discuss the position you are leaving and recommend someone to take over. Be sure to note the date of your resignation and when it goes into effect.

  1. Be straightforward about resigning

    State your reason for resigning at the beginning of the letter. Be as detailed as necessary while keeping the letter respectful and professional. Explain the process by which you came to your decision. If appropriate, articulate your appreciation for the church.

  2. Share your accomplishments in the church

    Share how you were involved in the church, and what you have accomplished or learned since beginning to work there. Highlight any significant moments, and use relevant passages from the Bible to express your thoughts. Express the things you value at the church and any regret you feel about moving on.

  3. Share what you expect to do next

    Because there is no set length for a resignation letter, you should feel free to elaborate on your experiences in the position you're leaving, as well as to share your plans for the future. Offer to help in the transition to a new employee if you feel so inclined. Specify the date on which your resignation goes into effect.