How Do You Write Checks From a Computer?

Write checks from a computer using check printing software such as ezCheckPrinting or Star Check Writer, which allow you to print payment and other information directly onto personal or business checks. Alternatively, use the online bill payment system within your bank's online checking services to create and send checks from your personal banking profile.

Both ezCheckPrinting and Star Check Writer feature a visual interface that allows you to designate the specific check style and layout and then enter details such as payee name, payment amount and memos. These programs also require you to specify the size of the check, to choose whether you would like a single check or a sheet of checks and to load the checks into your printer. The programs print directly onto the checks, requiring your signature before you are able to use them. Each program offers its own price point and payment systems.

To use the online bill payment services with your checking account, you must first activate your online banking profile, which is available for both business and personal accounts. Each financial institution places the bill payment service in a different location, though many offer it as a main menu option in your banking profile. Follow the onscreen instructions to specify the person or company to which you wish to issue the check and the payment amount. Enter the address of the payee and the delivery date to create and send the check.