How Do You Write a Check?

How Do You Write a Check?

To write a check, provide all requested information in the areas indicated on the check, and sign and date it. Writing a check is a simple task that takes less than five minutes to complete.

  1. Date the check

    Date the check in the top right-hand corner in the provided area. Be sure to use the month, day and year.

  2. Establish the payee

    On the line that starts "Pay to the order of," write the name of the person or entity receiving the check. The person or place listed on this line is the only one who can deposit or cash the check.

  3. Enter the amount with numbers

    Using numbers, enter the amount to be transferred in the box provided. Be sure to start writing directly next to the box border so that no other numbers can be written in later.

  4. Write out the amount in words

    On the line directly under the payee, write out the amount to be transferred in words. Enter the "cents" portion using a fraction. Draw a line starting from the fraction and ending at the word "dollars."

  5. Add a memo

    Add a brief memo to be reminded of why the check was written. This is not required.

  6. Sign the check

    Sign the check with your full signature on the line provided in the bottom right-hand corner.