How Do You Write a Career Plan?


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To write a career plan, first specify the field or industry of interest. This can be either general, such as "the automotive industry," or very specific, such as "foreign luxury car sales." Create a list of positions you wish to occupy and place them on a chronological spectrum illustrating hoped-for career advancement or promotion.

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When listing different positions in a career arc, first consider possible vertical paths. For example, in an automotive sales path, it may start with an associate salesperson position at a local dealership that culminates in a regional sales manager post. However, also consider lateral moves at any one stage that may ultimately facilitate advancement. Consider any requirements or obstructions that may affect these goals, such as specific training or educational periods, poor industry growth, struggling economy or high levels of competition in the desired field.

Provide a section in the plan that outlines the currently-held position, as its shortfalls and why it is keeping you back from your ultimate goals. Identify what tasks are still needed to develop the desired skill-set, along with any skills that attract potential employers. Become acquainted with available industry literature and other materials. Seek out mentors well experienced in the field. Attend seminars, keep a journal, and progress on checkpoints that outline development.

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