How Do You Write Car Ads for Money?


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It is possible to write car ads for money by obtaining the proper credentials, such as a bachelor's degree, applying for advertisement copy writing positions and advancing in the industry, states Study.com. Advertisement copy writers can gain experience by performing freelance work or working in entry-level positions in the advertising or marketing industries.

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To write car ads for money, follow these steps:

  1. Earn the proper credentials
  2. Depending on the industry and position, advertising copy writing positions typically require a bachelor's degree, notes Study.com. Aspiring ad writers can attend a number of universities and colleges to earn a bachelor's degree in a related field, such as marketing, English or communications. Students may also benefit from learning about the car industry or reading car magazines to gain insight into the product.

  3. Search for positions
  4. After receiving the proper credentials, applicants should search for open positions through a number of resources, including freelance sites, advertising agencies and car manufacturer websites. To obtain a full-time position, applicants may need to have one to two years of writing experience, which they can obtain from independent blog writing, freelance positions, entry-level positions and office jobs in related industries, among other positions.

  5. Advance
  6. Work in the writing industry for one to two years and advance positions as they become available and experience increases.

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