How Do You Write a Business Thank-You Email?


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To write a business thank-you email, begin by writing the subject line, salute the recipient in the introductory part, express your gratitude in the main body of the email, and then write the conclusion. A good business thank-you email is always concise and maintains a standard business tone.

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The title should provide a rough idea of why you are writing the business thank-you email. When saluting an individual, use the word “Dear” before the name. Proceed straight to the point by thanking the company or individual for their assistance towards your business. Since most business people receive a lot of emails daily, mention your business, the exact kind of help offered by the recipient of the email, and when it was offered.

Summarize your message of gratitude in a single paragraph, and use the next paragraph for the conclusion. When concluding the email, express your willingness to work with the individual or company again in the future.

If you are willing to offer any kind of help such as a good recommendation letter, include that in the final paragraph. To sound more professional, include your full name, business name, business address, phone number, and email address in a separate section at the bottom of the email.

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