How Do You Write a Business Proposal Outline?

To write the outline for a business proposal, follow a standard format; collect information required by lenders, customers or business partners; and write the outline. Use the outline as an organizational framework to ensure that essential information is included in the proposal.

  1. Do the research

    Learn the requirements for the project in question, and analyze your company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to these requirements. Use the information to prioritize points in the outline. Gather the documentation needed for the business proposal. Make sure it is up to date and fits the needs of the target audience. Discuss the contents of the business proposal, including product specifications, delivery schedules and strategies, with colleagues.

  2. Draft the outline

    List the main sections of the business proposal, adding subcategories as needed. Use a numeric system for easy referencing with colleagues. The outline might include an executive summary and company history, a description of products and services, market analysis, strategy and implementation, management qualifications and a financial plan, based on the objectives of the proposal.

  3. Complete the financial plan

    The last item on the outline should be the financial section, which references assumptions, key indicators, a break-even analysis, projected profit and loss, cash flow, balance sheet, business ratios and a long-term plan.