How Do You Write a Business Procedures Document?


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When writing business procedures, the more often you employ useful examples and graphics to show the importance of procedures and the reasons behind them, the more likely employees are to retain what is communicated. Company procedures can be flexible; therefore, a procedures document should not be set in stone.

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How Do You Write a Business Procedures Document?
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  1. Ask for help

    Involve users who need to follow and implement business procedures as you prepare the procedures document. These people can provide you with invaluable information regarding current procedures and the reasons for them. They also can help educate you about which challenges will need to be overcome while implementing the new procedures.

  2. Keep the writing simple and snappy

    Write the document in an engaging way. This means that you should use concrete nouns, vivid verbs and effective examples.

  3. Illustrate the procedures

    Use flowcharts and graphics to show the procedures in a visual way. Break the flowchart into sections instead of providing only one large flowchart.

  4. Tell readers why

    Let those who need to follow and implement the procedures know why certain decisions were made and how following them can benefit them and the organization. The more an employee sees value in why a procedure is implemented, the more likely he is to follow it.

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