How Do You Write a Business Plan Format?


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Writing a business plan format involves describing your company, analyzing the market you hope to serve, and describing your company structure. Include the products you plan to sell and financial projections for up to two years.

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How Do You Write a Business Plan Format?
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  1. Write an executive summary

    Summarize every section of the business plan in the executive summary. It is meant to give an overview of the business in a page or two. Write it after completing other sections of your business plan.

  2. Describe your company

    Give a brief description of your company, including your vision, mission core values and the industry in which you are going to operate. State your competitive advantages in the market.

  3. Explain your research

    Give details of your marketing research. Identify your target market, its behavior and its purchasing pattern.

  4. Describe your organization structure and management

    Describe all roles in your company, and identify the individuals who fulfill those roles. Give titles to every role.

  5. Introduce your products and services

    Give an overview of your products and services. Include any copyright information, production processes, and research and development processes.

  6. Describe your marketing strategy

    Show the reader your growth strategy and how you plan to penetrate the market. Include information on sales activities you intend to undertake.

  7. Include your financial projection and funding request

    Give a projection of your cash flow, a profit and loss statement, and the expected return on investment. Include the funding request if you are looking for funding .

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