How Do You Write a Business Memo?

To write a business memo, label the paper memo at the top, note the sender and the group for which the memo is intended, and state the subject of the memo clearly in bold type. Write an introductory paragraph followed by important facts. Finish up with a thank-you paragraph.

  1. Label the memo

    Type "memo" or "memorandum" at the top of the sheet to clearly show the type of communication.

  2. Name the sender and the recipients

    Type "From" followed by a colon at the beginning of the first line, and add your full name, or the name of the department or group sending the memo. Type "to" followed by a colon on the next line, and add the names of the individuals or groups for which the information in the memo is intended.

  3. Create a subject line

    Print "RE" followed by a colon on the next line, and add the main topic of the memo in bold.

  4. Write an introduction

    In a brief paragraph, explain concisely why the memo is necessary.

  5. Share information

    In brief, easy-to-understand sentences or a list of bullet points, clearly state the information that needs to be shared in the memo.

  6. Write a conclusion

    Write a concluding paragraph that sums up the information and thanks the readers for his attention.