How do you write a business letter?


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Business letters include an introduction that briefly outlines the reasons for writing, followed by two or three paragraphs explaining the matter in further detail. End the letter with a conclusion that includes an immediate call to action. Business letters also include the sender and the recipient's contact information, and the date of correspondence at the top of the page.

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  1. Write the greeting

    Open the business letter with a respectful greeting. Use the salutation "Dear" followed by "Mr.", "Mrs." or "Ms.", and the recipient's last name.

  2. Write the introduction

    Create a three-to-four sentence introduction that explains the purpose of the letter. The introduction provides the context for the rest of the letter so the recipient has a clear understanding of what the letter is about.

  3. Write the letter body

    The letter body is made up of two to three paragraphs that provide additional details about the matter outlined in the introduction. Detail your message here, stating what you want to accomplish.

  4. Write the conclusion

    Close the letter with a conclusion with a call to action, such as a face-to-face meeting, a follow-up letter or a possible solution to an issue. Business letters typically end with a respectful salutation, such as "Best" or "Yours Truly," followed by a comma, and the sender's first and last name.

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