How Do You Write a Business Claim Letter?


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To write a business claim letter address the letter to a specific person, explain the nature of the claim and include relevant account numbers, describe specifics of the problem, and ask the company to take a specific action. Reference any documents involved in the matter to bolster your claim. You can ask the company to respond to your complaint by a certain date, and you should include your contact information.

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Business claim letters are usually written when a company makes a mistake of some sort, but you shouldn't let your emotions dictate what you write. Keep the tone of your claim letter professional and polite for maximum effectiveness. Find the name and business address of a senior management person who is able to help resolve the issue, and address the letter to him. In the first paragraph, briefly explain your displeasure at receiving something sub-par and describe the product or service. Use descriptive words such as "disappointed" or "unsatisfactory" to describe unhappiness with the company.

In the body of the letter, detail exactly what the company was supposed to deliver and what errors were made. Reference dates and mention actions taken or not taken, and also refer to receipts, forms, estimates and warranties, if applicable. Be assertive in asking the company to resolve the problem, but remain courteous. Spur action by including a thank you for your prompt response statement at the end.

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