How Do You Write a Business Case?


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To write a business case, explain how the project under consideration benefits the company. Explain the alternative projects you considered, and offer enough information for decision-makers to make an informed choice.

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  1. Title the page

    Add the date and the title of your business case to the top of the page. Use the specific name of the project to increase recognition.

  2. Explain your objectives

    Create an objectives section header. Underneath, write a list of the three to five main goals of your project. Target each sentence to the decision-makers in your company by focusing on the things that are most important to them, such as budgets and deadlines. Write paragraphs under your list that explain the current situation, and make it clear how your project is an improvement. Use clear and concise language.

  3. List the alternatives

    Make a project alternatives section header. Write a few sentences about each of the alternative projects that you discarded in favor of the project in question. Include a cost analysis, an explanation of risk, profit projections and any other data you have that demonstrates why your chosen project is the best choice.

  4. Lay out the project plan

    Explain how you can put your project into action. Include a schedule, milestone dates and a final completion deadline. List the resources you need to complete the project, and write a brief explanation of your planned methodologies.

  5. Add related information

    At the back of your business case, include data that you used in the selection of your project. Include copies of graphs, projections and analyses.

  6. Write the executive summary

    Summarize the most important points of your business case in one paragraph. Place the paragraph above the objective section in a section called the executive summary.

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