How Do You Write a Business Analysis Report?

A business analysis defines a business need and recommends a solution as explained by the international Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA). A business analysis report formally presents the results and is a tool for organizational change.

After conducting initial research and investigation of the problem, the report is ready to write. Follow these steps as explained by the Management Study Guide:

  1. Write the introduction or objective
  2. The introduction explains the problem. It also presents recommendations for the problem.

  3. Discuss the main points of the recommendation
  4. The main points supports the recommendation and present research results. This section covers the recommendation's effect on the business.

  5. Write a conclusion
  6. Summarize the problem, the main points and reasons to adopt the recommendation.

Additional writing tips include using an outline to organize the report. Also, edit the draft one to two times before finalizing the report. Finally, keep reader interest with bullets, headers, charts and graphs according to Management Study Guide.