How Do You Write a Budget Form?


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Write a budget form by keeping track of all costs for housing, food, transportation, family, health and finance, and subtracting that number from overall income to develop a budget. Templates for such forms are available from the government's consumer website, Consumer.gov.

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Start the budget form at the beginning of the month so that information about all income and expenses can be used to develop a budget for the following month. Use the form to track all costs related to housing. This includes the rent or mortgage cost and the cost of any homeowner's or renter's insurance paid each month. The form should also track the cost of utilities, such as phone, cable and Internet, and any other home expenses, such as property taxes.

Use the form to track food costs. This includes the cost of household supplies, groceries, any meals from a restaurant and any other food costs. Tracking transportation costs includes any public transit costs and car costs, such as car payments, gas, tolls, parking and car insurance.

Track medical costs for your family, such as health insurance, medicine and doctors' appointments. Keep a separate area for other family costs, including child support, child care, clothing costs, laundry costs and entertainment costs.

If necessary, keep a section to track the cost of cashier's checks, prepaid phone cards, bank fees and other regular fees. Maintain one final section to account for school costs, regular payments and other expenses. Adjust amounts to fit within your income, and use the budget the following month.

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