How Do You Write a Bio for a Press Kit?

write-bio-press-kit Credit: Cavan Images/Taxi/Getty Images

A biography is a vital part of a press kit delivered to the media and this particular element should be formatted properly, written for journalists and the public, specified for a particular person and proofread thoroughly, according to Disc Makers. A biography should be short yet detailed enough to grab people's attention and make them want to know more.

A biography needs to tell a compelling story. If someone is the CEO of the company, a biography should include pertinent details as to how and why this person deserves to be in this position within the organization. For a medical professional, a press kit that mentions relevant degrees and experience is needed in order to clarify why he or she is important.

A biographical sketch of a musician includes why this person deserves a mention in a press kit. Does this musician have a new album coming out? Is this music a departure from what he has done in the past? A bio in a press kit explains why this person is important in the larger context of the press release.

A press kit is designed to generate buzz in the media for a team, product, company, person or service. Brief biographies of vital people, including photos, are essential elements of press kits.