How Do You Write a Bid Proposal?


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Offering the lowest price does not mean a company is making the best bid. A successful bid, in fact, comes from a bid proposal that sums up the attributes, advantages and strengths of the bidder. The integration of these requirements increases the chances of getting a contract, according to Michel Theriault for AllBusiness.com.

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Differentiating yourself from the competitors is extremely essential in a bid proposal, explains Theriault. Consider conducting a thorough analysis on the strengths and weaknesses of the competitors, and then prepare a bid proposal that clearly shows the advantages of selecting your company over the others. Provide facts and strongly backed evidences to convince the evaluator into choosing your service.

The other important element is to always follow the format provided by the evaluator. Adhere to the format and structures, and answer the questions asked according to their sequence as it makes the proposal easier to understand. In the meantime, use simple language to direct the evaluators straight to the facts. Long sentences and confusing language cause distraction to the readers, which then reduce your chances, notes construction expert Juan Rodriguez for About.com.

Review the bid proposal and check the bid units, scales, prices and other essential information before submission. The entire proposal should be clean and tidy as it represents the company image of the bidder. A good impression leads to a higher chance of making the bid a success, according to Theriault.

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