How Do You Write an Appeal for Reinstatement of Financial Aid Letter?

You write an appeal for reinstatement of financial aid letter by documenting the extenuating circumstances that somehow had an impact on your academic performance, the University of Alabama says. Some circumstances considered for appeal include a death of a family member, trauma in the student's life that impacted his mental or physical health, and withdrawal from college due to military service.

The school's financial aid office is a good place to determine the criteria established by the school that appeals are considered for, the U.S. Department of Education notes. When possible, the letter should be addressed to the specific financial aid officer who is in charge of your file, Great Sample Resume explains.

In order to receive financial aid, you must be enrolled in school at least part time, show financial need, be a U.S. citizen or otherwise be an eligible noncitizen, have a valid Social Security number, be registered for the selective service (male students only), and maintain satisfactory academic progress, the U.S. Department of Education explains. You must also prove you're qualified to attend college by showing proof you have a high school diploma or equivalent thereof or show you've completed a home-school program as regulated by the laws in your state.