How Do You Write an Appeal for Financial Aid Reinstatement?


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Some schools provide paper forms for financial aid reinstatement appeals, while others request a written letter for financial aid reinstatement or both. The school's financial aid web page should provide this information, or the paperwork can be retrieved in person at financial aid office..

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The school's financial aid web page is an ideal and efficient place to go if you cannot go in person to get a form. The easiest way to find what you are looking for is to use the search engine on the school's website. You can also navigate your way to the forms page. If you write a letter to the financial aid office about reinstating aid, include this in your letter: purpose, academic year, student ID number, phone number, sign and date. Keep in mind that if you drop below a certain number of credit hours you will not be approved for the reinstatement. According to Federal Student Aid, in order to receive financial aid you need to be at least part time, show financial need, among other things. You can always call the financial aid office. Many schools offer online chat services, as well. The campus call center has financial aid advisers available to help you. They are trained and can help get you what you need.

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