How Do You Write an Agreement Cancellation Letter?

Write an agreement or contract termination letter by clearly designating the names of all parties involved, the agreement in question and stating that you wish it to end on a specific date. Also include the reason for the cancellation, along with proof of compliance to any cancellation terms from the contract.

The first step to writing an agreement termination letter is to address it to the appropriate party and include the proper introduction, then introduce yourself. Next, clearly state that the purpose of the letter is to inform the recipient that you wish to terminate the contract. Describe the contract in as much detail as possible, including its purpose, the date on which it went into effect and any other identifying information such as an agreement or reference number. Proceed by explaining the reason you wish to end the agreement, such as dissatisfaction with performance or no longer having a need for the service.

You should also include the date on which the contract ends, along with a statement that you do not wish to renew the contract at any predetermined renewal date. If the original agreement included stipulations for termination, such as additional documents, include those as well. End the letter by thanking the party and include your contact information in the event that there are additional questions. Be sure to maintain a professional and curious tone throughout the letter.