How Do You Write an Ad for House Cleaning?

Create a house cleaning ad by describing the duties performed, experience, licensing and contact information. The ad should be short and to the point to keep potential clients interested in the ad, but at the same time, it should provide all the necessary information. Keep the ad around 200 to 400 words.

  1. Describe potential duties

    Write an overview of the duties performed. This section should be a detailed list. When potential clients notice that something is not on the list, they assume that it is not offered in the services.

  2. List experience and qualifications

    List the amount of years the cleaning company has been in business or how many clients it serves. If there is no experience, it is fine to leave this part blank or to mention that the business is in the start-up phase.

  3. Note licenses and insurance

    If the cleaning company is licensed and insured, list this after the experience section. Do this without going into too many details. A simple note that there is a license and/or insurance is sufficient.

  4. List references and contact information

    In the last section of the ad, tell the potential client that references are available upon request. Do not provide names and phone numbers in a public ad. List phone numbers, email and website information for the cleaning business last.