How Do You Write a 60 Day Business Plan?


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To write a 60-day business plan, start by breaking the plan down into 30-day increments. The first 30 days includes the training tasks and understanding the company's objectives while the next 30 days include taking what was learned and applying it to accomplishing appointed tasks.

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The first 30 days of the plan need to include tasks such as learning the company's systems, products, services, software and vendors. If the company has a customer base, a part of the plan needs to focus on communicating with customers and reviewing accounts. Focus the majority of the plan on training and understanding the company's needs and functions.

The next 30 days focus on the time where training transitions into independent work including taking on responsibilities and getting necessary feedback from supervisors and peers. In this section, discuss further integration into vendor and customer relationships. This is also a time to generate ideas concerning scheduling and improving productivity personally and company-wide.

Many new employees add an additional 30 days to their business plan. This section focuses on significant contributions including ways to increase the customer base and generate new sources of revenue or improve the company's systems. This is the stage where the beginner takes ownership and moves into a leadership role and begins to focus on his future in the company.

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