Why Would You Want to Change Careers?


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People want to change careers for several reasons; some desire higher incomes or want jobs similar to their dream jobs, while others seek new jobs offering better treatment, a flexible working schedule, and growth opportunities to higher positions. Some people seek new careers for practical reasons, such as better benefits or higher incomes. Others seek a better quality of life through career changes, such as a less stressful work environment, a flexible working schedule and spending more time with family.

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Career changes happen constantly, but increase tremendously during times of economic growth. According to Fortune magazine, over 85 percent of people currently employed desire alternative careers. Of that number, 60 percent want careers outside of their current professions.

People show reluctance to stay at their current jobs with lack of mobility or without a compatible goal or purpose. Poor treatment and lack of respect from co-workers and superiors tempt people to leave too. People considering career changes show willingness to relocate in pursuit of their dream careers. They look for jobs offering closer matches with their skill sets that offer a better work-life balance. To retain employees, some companies address concerns by offering better pay, more flexibility and even allowing relocation to other corporate offices.

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