Why Would You Want to Build a Ranch Home With an Open Floor Plan?


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Some of the advantages of an open floor plan include that it allows more natural light, it allows for easier socialization throughout the house and that kids can be easily watched from room to room as there are less walls to close off lines of sight, according to Case Design. Open floor designs are popular among homes that have less square footage, as it makes the home feel larger.

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Ranch-style homes are a very popular type of home architecture style throughout the United States. Ranch homes are close to the ground and have a low profile, and they use minimal amounts of exterior decoration. When building a ranch-style home, builders must decide whether to implement an open floor plan or a closed floor plan.

Open floor plans do not section off the house into as many rooms as closed floor plans, which means that there are less walls in a house with an open floor plan. In an open floor plan, it is common to have the kitchen, dining room and living room all as one large room with different parts. This allows for easier communication between rooms, and is popular because small kids can be watched while the parents are cooking or in another room, and because parties can be held without people needing to be sectioned off into different rooms. That being said, open floor plans do not allow for as much privacy as a closed floor plan might, suggests Schroeder design.

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