When Would You Use the Navica MLS Search?

Consumers use the Navica MLS search website when they need to find homes or other real estate for sale anywhere in the United States. They can use the Realtor search to find a real estate agent. They can also use the site's search engine to locate home repair contractors.

Real estate sellers advertise their available properties on Navica.MLS.com, and home buyers use the website to search the listings. Available real estate includes homes, land, lots, investment properties and commercial properties. One option enables users to search the entire real estate database, another allows a search for new homes only, and another enables a search for local foreclosed properties. Website users localize their searches by clicking on their states on the interactive map and then narrowing their searches by city and community.

When a home buyer needs assistance with a search, the Realtor search engine allows the user to enter his contact information, the price range of his prospective home, an assessment of his credit history and the time frame within which he needs to locate a property. For home repairs, a consumer enters her location and the category of pre-screened home contractor she needs into the Home Improvements and Repairs search engine. The Navica MLS website is free for real estate buyers to use. When they locate properties they are interested in, they can contact the advertising real estate agents directly.