How Would You Spend $50,000 in Lead Generation Budget for a Technology Startup?


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The most efficient way to spend a $50,000 budget for lead generation would be to spend it all on affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an effective way to market for a performance based business, which means payment only occurs when desired action happens.

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Actions in affiliate marketing terms refers to a call, a click, a tap on a mobile phone, a sale or a download. A company would spend their $50,000 budget and give the affiliate marketing company directions as to what performance they desire. For example, the affiliate marketing company could be directed to use the $50,000 to generate 50,000 clicks on a website ad. Payment would only occur when the 50,000 clicks have been generated.

Lead generation is of particular importance to a technology startup and is a necessity for spreading the word about the budding company. The manner in which the lead generation budget gets spent is also important. Technology startups must spend their money in the most effective way possible. Choosing the best way to spend the budget for lead generation is crucial. Applying $50,000 on affiliate marketing could be the smartest and most effective way to generate the desired results that can boost marketing potential.

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