Where Would You Sell Old Currency?

Where Would You Sell Old Currency?

Sell old currency using local dealers, coin and currency trade shows, physical auctions and online marketplaces. All of these methods allow collectors to sell old currency, but some are more profitable than others.

Selling to a local dealer is a convenient way to get rid of old currency and is generally the fastest method to sell. Dealers at coin and currency shops are unlikely to pay full value for currency, but some offer fair prices. Selling through other channels may yield more profits, but selling locally is a practical choice for collectors who need money fast.

Coin and currency trade shows are another common venue to sell collections. These events occur all over the country, bringing together dealers, collectors and currency enthusiasts. While selling at a trade convention is not the most profitable choice, it is a good way to network with other collectors and dealers, which can lead to more lucrative sales and purchases in the future.

Rare coin and currency auctions are typically a profitable way to sell currency collections, because buyers are often willing to pay close to full value. Currency auctions range from small local operations to larger firms. An auction house almost always takes some portion of a sale’s profit.

Selling online at sites such as AntiqueMoney.com or GreatCollections is one of the most profitable ways to sell currency, because buyers pay close to full price. However, selling online is typically slower than other methods of sale.