Why Would a Prospective Employer Require a Pre-Employment Physical Form?


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Some job candidates get physicals before they start work because their employers need verification that they are in good enough shape mentally and physically to handle the job. In some instances, an employer also wants to establish a baseline so it can later ascertain if any hazardous materials exposure occurred.

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A physical also assesses if the employee poses any health risks to himself or other workers and helps an employer establish a structure to meet any needs of the employee. A physical also helps a company decide if an employee requires more analysis and testing.

The employer tells the physician about the requirements the employees must perform, and the physician and her staff develop a test that checks how an employee meets the requirements. Musculoskeletal examination looks at muscular strength, and a physical might also analyze an employee's cardiac and respiratory health to make sure heavy work does not put undue stress on bodily systems. A physical might also check a worker's eyes, ears and nose.

Drug and alcohol tests are a big part of many physicals because companies do not want people working under the influence. These tests involve urine or hair samples. The employer gets a written opinion or form from the physician's office explaining if the employee is fully clear or has some restrictions.

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