How Would You Make a Good Nursing Resume?

How Would You Make a Good Nursing Resume?

To make a good nursing resume, choose the right keywords, use bullets and numbers, show experience and include a number of accomplishments. The nursing field offers a number of growth opportunities and better remuneration in the future, notes AllHealthcare.

Use unique keywords because they often makes it easy for recruiters to pick the right resume through a simple online search. Determine ideal keywords by reading the specific job advertisement and picking out the most important points.

Bullets and numbers make it easy for recruiters to go through resumes quickly and get an idea of the candidate's potential. Use bullets or numbers to list accomplishments or specific skills, and use bold headings to distinguish between sections.

Include experience to give recruiters an idea of what to expect. Experience should be attached to specific accomplishments in previous positions, with as much detail or concrete numbers as possible. Only include experience that is relevant to the nursing profession, states Business Insider.

Keep an eye on the length of the resume, ensuring all of the material is directly relevant for the position. Education should only take a small space on the resume. Read through the complete resume to make sure there are no spelling or grammar errors before submitting.