What Would Be the Benefits to Apple If It Bought GoPro?


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If Apple bought GoPro, Apple would benefit from the current low price of the action camera company's stock and would add a product to its portfolio that fits in naturally with its other offerings, according to Leo Sun at the Motley Fool. The Motley Fool also points out that GoPro's social media presence and developing cloud platform would be assets to the Apple brand.

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As of November 2015, GoPro's stock is down 69 percent year to date, pricing has decreased and inventory levels have increased. CNBC's Reem Nasr states that this poor stock performance coupled with recent negative reviews makes it a relatively inexpensive time for a purchase by Apple.

GoPro's action cameras would fit in well with Apple's phones, tablets and watches without being a direct competitor, says the Motley Fool. Apple filed a patent in early 2015 for action cameras, proving their interest, and already has a GoPro app developed for the Apple watch, so a fuller integration of the GoPro brand would be a natural extension without the need to start from scratch.

The Motley Fool contends that GoPro's large YouTube, Facebook and Instagram presence, currently over 17 million followers combined, would be an asset to Apple if the company chooses to pursue original content. GoPro has also been developing a cloud platform, which if purchased would be easy for Apple to merge into iCloud and keep away from competitors looking to increase cloud presence.

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