How Would You Ask for a Raise?

How Would You Ask for a Raise?

Asking for a raise requires selecting an appropriate time to talk to your boss, knowing your worth, being confident and having realistic expectations. Discernment in these areas heightens your chance of success.

  1. Choose the right time

    Talk to your boss about setting aside a day and time to talk about your raise. Be sure to ask a few months before your evaluation. If you wait until the day of your evaluation, it may be too late. A good time to ask is when you have successfully completed a difficult task or when you have discovered the answer to a significant problem.

  2. Perform research on pay ranges

    Know what you are worth. Find out what the pay range is for your job. The U.S. Department of Labor offers wage information on a variety of jobs.

  3. Sell yourself

    Discuss your accomplishments, and be confident when you talk to your boss. Do not beg. A boss does not want to hear why you need a raise, as your financial needs are not his or her concern. Your boss wants to hear what you have done to merit a raise.

  4. Set realistic expectations

    Talk to the Human Resources Department about what your company’s pay scale is for your job, and set a realistic goal.

  5. Try again

    If you get rejected, ask your boss what you can do to improve your chances of getting a raise in the future.