What Are Some Workplace Safety Slogans?

What Are Some Workplace Safety Slogans?

Some classic safety slogans are "If you SEE something, SAY something," "A good safety record doesn't come by accident" and "All accidents are preventable," according to Safetyrisk. Workplace safety slogans are an important part of perpetuating a culture of responsibility and awareness.

While the effectiveness of safety slogans is debatable, there are many clever and catchy phrases available to choose from. The most memorable slogans are ones that are positive, simple and witty, states Digicast.

One such example of an effective slogan given on Digicast is, "A harness is better than a hearse." This play on the classic "Don't fall for it" slogan conveys positivity and creativity and is bound to stick in the minds of workers whether they are at work or not.

An effective slogan is concise, well-articulated and catches the reader's attention immediately, says Digicast. A great example of a safety slogan featuring a well-delivered play on words is "Know safety, no injury. No safety, know injury."

As with any workplace message, consistency is key. The selected slogan should be displayed throughout the workplace in emails, newsletters, training manuals and safety meetings. If effective, this message becomes something for co-workers to bond over; slogans that contain the obvious are generally ignored.