How Do You Get Free Workplace Safety Signs?


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For free workplace safety signs, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is a good resource for businesses. OSHA, a division managed by the United States Department of Labor, has a sign for all companies called "Job Safety and Health: It's the Law," states OSHA.gov. This poster is placed in a visible location in offices and informs employees and employers of their rights and responsibilities regarding workplace safety and standards.

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OSHA has federal workplace requirements and state plans in participating locations. Companies in states with OSHA-certified safety plans should put up a sign issued by the state government; those with no state-specific plan should post the federal OSHA poster, notes OSHA.gov. Federal agencies are also required to hang the federal OSHA poster.

Regardless of whether they are public or private entities, companies can receive an OSHA poster for free using the same methods. Copies can be ordered over the phone, ordered from the OSHA Publications home page or downloaded and printed manually from the OSHA Publications website. Posters can be printed in English and Spanish, and must be printed in specific dimensions to ensure legality.

In addition to the OSHA safety poster, companies can also find supplemental and industry-specific safety and health signs from other sources. Seton, for instance, is a sign manufacturer that has signs available on its site for diverse workplaces. American National Standards Institute signs, construction-hazard signs and posters warning of chemicals and hazardous materials are some examples of safety signs in its inventory, notes Seton.com.

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