What Is the Working Environment of a Pediatrician Like?

working-environment-pediatrician-like Credit: Blend Images - KidStock/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

General pediatricians usually work in a well-lit, clean, sterile and properly maintained clinical office setting, according to About.com. They also work in hospitals, schools, government organizations and urgent care settings.

Pediatricians specialize in the treatment of children, and they belong to the primary care physician workforce, says About.com. They provide preventive care, including check-ups and immunizations. They also diagnose and treat minor conditions, such as coughs and colds. Pediatricians typically see most of their patients in an office-based setting during weekdays and sometimes over the weekend. Some pediatricians visit their patients in an inpatient setting, checking on patients admitted to the hospital.

Most pediatricians work in clinics on their own or in group practices, according to CareerQA. Some also work in outpatient care centers, colleges and specialty hospitals, while others work in partnership with another physician. Illinois WorkNet notes that pediatricians always work indoors and attend daily to patients with infections or diseases. Their working hours are around 40 hours per week or more. They work physically close to patients and wear protective clothing, such as gloves and masks. Their work requires a high level of social interaction, as they constantly have to communicate with patients, parents of young patients and medical staff.