What Does Working Culture Mean?

Work culture is the environment created by the concepts established and embraced by the firm and the employees alike. Working culture involves the principles and ideologies associated with the business, company or firm itself, and on the employee side, working culture is thought processes, attitudes and beliefs of the workers.

Working culture is a multifaceted term utilized in the business world. Working culture is also commonly referred to as corporate culture. As a general rule, a business is deemed to have a strong working culture when the employees not only grudgingly follow the principles and ideologies established by a business enterprise, but also when these employees embrace these principles and ideologies. In addition, in an environment where a strong working culture exists, the thought processes, attitudes and beliefs of the employees complement and harmonize with the principles and ideologies of the business itself.

Characteristics of a healthy working culture include generally satisfied employees who typically work well with each other and their supervisors. In addition, a healthy working culture is one in which employees have a greater deal of freedom and a higher level of involvement in the decision-making process. Management and employees communicate constructively and regularly with one another.