What Is a Workers Compensation Waiver Form?


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A worker's compensation waiver form declines workers' compensation coverage rights, according to the United States Department of Labor. Different states have different workers' compensation laws, and some states, such as Utah and Maine, offer waivers of workers' compensation insurance.

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The DOL recommends that workers contact their state official for more information about how workers' compensation laws apply within their state. The State of Utah allows sole proprietors and businesses hiring out their work the option of requiring independent contractor employees to sign a waiver rejecting rights to workers' compensation coverage, according to the Utah state website. This waiver form allows workers to decline coverage. Maine also offers waivers of coverage, as reported on the state website. The DOL claims that each state has different laws and an official who governs the use of workers' compensation benefits and laws within that state.

By waiving the right to workers' compensation coverage, workers reject the option of receiving benefits in the event of becoming qualified for such benefits. As Utah reports, the state may investigate waivers and determine if the business is actually eligible to require employees to sign a waiver. The right to require waivers may be denied and revoked, explains the state of Utah.

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