What Are Some of the Workers' Compensation Services Through Sedgwick?


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Sedgwik provides services that include special investigations, care management, risk modeling, loss prevention, structured settlements and recoveries. Sedgwik provides a wide range of solutions to clients in multiple regions and industries.

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To prevent losses to an organization can be key to success. Sedgwik comes up with unique techniques to minimize risks and help each organization remain competitive. Some of the techniques used in loss prevention include analytics, general safety assessment and recommendations, ergonomic and industrial hygiene.

The special investigations unit under Sedgwik is responsible for assessing various claims and carrying out investigations that can prove fraudulent transactions. This service helps consumers save time and costs. To help consumers sustain a relatively stable lifestyle, Sedgwik provides structured settlement services. These services help the injured maintain a steady stream of income instead of receiving a lump sum payment which may then be mismanaged.

Managed care services help organizations achieve a variety of benefits including streamlining of the care delivery model, driving desktop efficiencies, guarantee positive impact to cost or risk and provision of quality care to injured individuals. Sedgwik provides customer care services that include emergency response and information sharing. This helps each client understand issues much faster or cushion clients from making errors that may lead to more costs.

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