What Are Some Workers' Compensation Rates by State?


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As of 2014, workers compensation beneficiaries in California enjoy the highest rate, $3.48 for every $100 in payroll, while beneficiaries in North Dakota earn the lowest, $0.88 for every $100. Washington, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania share a rate of $2 for every $100 in payroll.

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Insurance Journal states that the median workers compensation rate index for U.S. states in 2014 was $1.85. This rate shows a 2 percent drop from 2012, when the median was $1.88. Connecticut, New Jersey and New York enjoy the highest rates next to California, with $2.87, $2.82 and $2.75 per $100 in payroll, respectively. Some of the lowest rates include Virginia, Arkansas and Indiana, where workers compensation beneficiaries earn $1.17, $1.08 and $1.06 for every $100 in payroll.

The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services releases a list of national workers compensation rates every two years. Its 2014 study shows 21 states whose worker compensation rates fall within 10 percent of the national median. The list shows that the range between the lowest and highest earning states is shrinking over time. The fact that the list is shrinking causes the list to be more volatile; small changes in workers compensation rates can produce large comparative effects for a state in relation to others.

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