How Do You Find Work As a Private Duty Nurse?


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To find work as a private duty nurse, market your portfolio, and register with your local health institutions to allow them to seek your services whenever they are in need. Apply for a license in your state in case you intend to get payments from Medicare, insurance organizations or Medicaid.

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To create a portfolio, list all the services that you provide as a private duty nurse, and attach copies of your state license and payment options to the list before circulating the portfolio. Including referral letters from the patients you have served in the past also improves your portfolio.

Once you have created a comprehensive profile, market it by submitting it to institutions such as churches and health care centers. This enables potential clients to see your portfolio and in turn seek your services. The initial clients you serve may market you to other potential clients, leading to increased client inflow. You may cease to get involved in active marketing of your portfolio once you receive a stable lot of clients, but be sure to increase labor once you have established a huge client base in order to guarantee your clients quality services as directed by their respective doctors. You can back up your labor by hiring private duty nursing agencies or by buying the services of registered nurses.

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