How Do You Get a Work Permit?


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Obtaining a work permit for a minor typically involves filling out an application to work through the state's department of labor or the minor's school. The application must be signed by the minor's parent or guardian, and the minor must attach proof of age, such as a copy of a birth certificate. Once the minor receives a work permit, it must be presented to the prospective employer.

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Most states have child labor laws that prohibit employers from hiring children. These states allow minors under certain ages employment only if the he has a permit from the state's labor department. This requirement allows the state to control the employment of minors, ensuring that work does not interfer with education.

The states that require minors to have a work permit set the threshold ages at 14, 16 or 18. Anyone under the threshold age must have a permit to work and comply with laws that restrict the number of hours he can work in relation to the number of hours spent in school. The application for a permit can typically be obtained from the minor's school or local government agency, although many states only allow minors to submit a work permit application through their school.

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