How Do You Get a Work Permit for a 14-Year-Old Teen?


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A 14-year old teen can get a work permit by visiting the youth, or minor, employment page at the state department of labor website, print the proper application forms and submit the forms according to instructions. Forms, which vary by state, generally involve providing the name, address and date of birth of the minor, name of parent or custodial guardian, and signatures.

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States such as Maryland require the minor, guardian and employer to sign the work permit, and states such as Virginia require a notarized parental signature for validation. Virginia's Employer Intent to Employ form must be filled out by employers for each minor working at a place of business. This form has a proof of age section, and the employer must indicate that the minor produced a valid birth certificate, baptismal record or government-issued identification. Employers typically keep documents for employed minors on file, and Maryland requires employers to keep copies of such documents for a period of three years.

Minors age 14 and 15 are restricted in the types of jobs they are legally allowed to do. Teens working in restaurants can serve food, but cannot cook or do any baking. Teens at this age must not load or unload trucks, work in a warehouse or at construction sites. Teens can work up to 18 hours a week during school months.

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