How Do You Work With a Job Headhunter?

How Do You Work With a Job Headhunter?

To work with a headhunter, prepare your best materials and conduct yourself in a professional manner. Don't rely on the headhunter to research companies or handle your entire job search for you; keep in mind that their only responsibility is to match the best candidate to each job.

  1. Send your resume

    Compose an email to the headhunter that gives a brief synopsis of your experience and the type of position that you are searching for. Update your resume with your latest experience. Add a professional summary at the top of the resume that encapsulates who you are as a professional. Use a bullet list to allow a busy headhunter to read quickly. Attach the resume to the email, and send it to the headhunter.

  2. Follow up with the headhunter

    Wait a few days, and call the recruiter to follow up. Ask if the recruiter has any open positions, and invite them to get in touch whenever an opening comes up.

  3. Continue your job search

    Once the headhunter has you on their radar, continue your job search elsewhere while you wait for a call. Send your materials to other headhunters; do not put your fate in the hands of one person.

  4. Present yourself professionally

    When your headhunter calls you for a meeting, dress professionally, arrive on time, and carry yourself in a manner that is appropriate for the position you are seeking. Keep in mind that the headhunter is judging your bearing and appearance as well as your qualifications.

  5. Research companies on your own

    If the headhunter sends you in for an interview, conduct your own research. Do not ask questions of the headhunter, who may not have specific information about the company. Arrive prepared, and conduct yourself professionally.